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     The beginning of the 1970's was a time full of controversy.  The Vietnam War still going on until 1973 and Nixon was caught in the Watergate scandal until 1974 when he resigned.  Then it went on to new Presidents in Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter.  So the main theme of this decade was the Watergate to Post Watergate periods.  It affected American people then in that in different ways.  At the beginning of the 70's the Vietnam was still going.  This incited many protests and riots that were spurred from conflicting beliefs about the war, and other protests and riots in the 60's.  This also effected Americans because the of the Watergate scandal.  Some government officials were sent to jail and Nixon probably would have been impeached if he hadn't resigned.  The country also faced a big change after Nixon's resignation with the unexpected new president Gerald Ford.  The Watergate affair left the country struggling to recover.  The economy also suffered from stagflation:  when inflation and unemployment rise, but the economy remains stalled and stagnant.  To make matters worse, a revolution in Iran also caused oil and gas shortages.  This theme also effected the rebellious youths and adults of the decade.  They found a new type a dance party music called disco.  Unfortunately for many people and musicians though, along with this were illegal drugs and promiscuous sex.  This was a large carrier of diseases like the AIDS virus that was later discovered in 1981.

     Then it was out with the old and in with the new in 1976, when the country celebrated its bicentennial and Jimmy Carter was elected president.  The effects of this were that relations with the Soviets worsened because of Carter's stand on certain issues, major energy conservation was starting to happen, civil rights and equal rights continued to be more of an issue, and by the end of the decade there was even worse inflation an unemployment.  This was partially caused by Carter's deficit spending and attempt on slowing the economy.  These problems would last into the 1980's.

     Some of the ways the main theme of this decade effect us yet today are that many styles and music interests like disco bell bottoms are being brought back now.  Also the Watergate scandal is still a very major historical issue, which we were reminded of when president Nixon died.  Some of the issues of the 1970's, like Carter's energy conservation and preserving of the earth, we are still working toward today.  There have also been many movies that have been made about the Vietnam War.  Most notably Rambo or Platoon.

Events of This Decade
*Starred Events relate to the main theme.

    February 18, 1970-A federal jury found "the Chicago 7" antiwar activists innocent of conspiring to incite riots during the Democratic National Convention, but Five were convicted of crossing state lines with intent to incite riots.
    1970-The Environmental Protection Agency is set up the government.
    April 30, 1970-U.S. forces invade Cambodia.
  *1970-Rebellious rock stars Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix die of drug overdoses.
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  *1970-Four Kent State University students were killed in a Vietnam War protest by the National Guard.
  *December 31, 1970-The U.S. starts to withdraw troops from Vietnam.
    January 26, 1971-At age 36, Charels Manson and 3 of his cult followers were found guilty of first degree murder in the 1969 slaying of actress Sharon Tate and 6 others.
    June 20, 1971-The 26th Amendment lowering the voting age to 18 in all elections was ratified.
    1971-President Nixon imposes a freeze on prices and wages.
  *1971-The value of the U.S. dollar goes down.
  *1972-A break-in at the Democratic headquarters sets off the Watergate Scandal.
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    1972-The Equal Rights Amendment is passed by Congress, touching off an unsuccessful ratification battle across the United States.
  *December 18, 1972-The full-scale bombing of North Vietnam after Paris peace negotiations failed.
  *1973-The Senate begins to investigate the Watergate affair.
    October 10, 1973-Vice President Spiro Agnew resigns and pleads no contest to charges of tax evasion on payments made to him by Maryland contractors when he was governor.
    1973-The Vietnam War peace pacts were signed in Paris.
    January 27, 1973-The end of the military draft was announced.
    1973-We receive television pictures from Jupiter from the Pioneer 10.
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  *1973-An energy crisis occurs.
    1973-"Henry Kissenger wins the Nobel Peace Prize."
    1973-Native Americans stage a protest at Wounded Knee, South Dakota.
  *March 29, 1973-The last of the American forces finally leave Vietnam.
    October 12, 1973-On Gerald Ford becomes the first Vice President appointed under the 25th Amendment.
  *August 9, 1974-Nixon resigned with Vice President Gerald Ford sworn in on the same day.
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    1975-The Soviet Sojuz and U.S. Apollo link up in space.
    1975-Congress passes the Education Assistance and the Indian Self-Determination Acts.
    July 4, 1976-The U.S. marks the 200th anniversary of its independence with festivals, parades, and New York City's Operation Sail, a gathering of tall ships from around the world.
    1976-North and South Vietnam are united, bring an end to the Vietnam War.
  *1977-President Jimmy Carter establishes the Department of Energy.
    1977-The biggest ticket selling movie of all time, (including its re-release in 1997), StarWars, is released.
    April 18, 1978-The U.S. Senate votes to turn over the Panama Canal to Panama on the future date of December 31, 1999.
    1979-A group of religious conservatives found the Moral Majority.
    November 4, 1979-Iranians seize the American Embassy in Tehran, taking 63 Americans hostage.